About Us

Routine Sundays – Strong Sisters


Routine Sundays was created to complement your lifestyle. Inspired by the unique routines that set you apart, Routine Sundays is here to celebrate #AnythingButRoutine.

Routine Sundays was created by three sisters, Paige (in blue), Hillary (in pink), and Claire (in green). Our brand was inspired by the differences in our everyday routines and a constant search to find the perfect versatile matching set.

Paige, who resides in Montreal, needed a comfy but cute outfit to stand out in the fashionable and vibrant streets. Hillary, who has a love of shopping, was constantly searching for an everyday set for her routine but was never satisfied with what others offered. Claire, a student at Western University, needed an everyday set for running to class and her active lifestyle. We came together to create Routine Sundays, celebrating #AnythingButRoutine.

Routine Sundays fits everyone lifestyles; no matter what routine you have this set will compliment and add uniqueness to your everyday. This is a universal brand that celebrates differences and uniqueness of everyone’s routine.